Company Profile:

  • Allegro Specialty Chemicals Pvt Ltd is a  green-field plant  located strategically at Naidupet, close to two major ports in A.P. We specialize in the manufacture of Sodium Methoxide, both in solution and powder form. Higher metal alkoxides such as Potassium methoxide and Sodium ethoxide solutions are also in the product pipeline.
  • The promoters are pioneers in the field of sodium methoxide and have over 30 years experience in project design, construction manufacturing and marketing in the global SMO market. Specifically the founder Mr. Shantisagar is one of the developers of the current process and has supplied to SMO Solution to top Biodiesel producers in USA such as ADM and Cargill from his previous company Green Catalysts.Inc, USA.

Key Features:

  • The plants proximity to Chennai port makes it ideal to cater to the export market.
  • The new factory at Naidupet has improved state of the art technology ensuring consistent high quality product at optimum price.
  • Even though Sodium Methoxide production is relatively hazardous, all plants built and operated by allegro promoters in the last 30 years, have been accident free.
  • The plant site has been designed for continuous expansion in the near future for serving customer requirements specifically in the Indian and the Asia-Pacific markets.
  • The plant is designed for total process automation to ensure consistent product quality and plant safety with minimal human error.

Applications of SMO :

Used extensively by the Biodiesel, food additives, fragrances, pharmaceutical and agro-chemical industries amongst others.